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What is ACA?

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA or ACOA), is an international 12 Step recovery program for individuals who grew up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes. It is not a religious program but one of Spiritual growth ACA / ACOA is based on the belief that the disease of alcoholism and family dysfunction effected us as children and continues to affect us as adults in our everyday lives.

What is an ‘Adult Child’?

An adult child is someone who engages in life with learned survival techniques carried with them from childhood. Without awareness, direction and support we unknowingly operate with ineffective thoughts, familiarity, and judgments that can be detrimental in our lives, and relationships with others.

ACA Is it for me?
ACA is open to anyone who feels they have identification from the Laundry List above. It is suggested newcomers attend 6 consecutive meetings to see if the ACA program is suited to them. The focus of the Fife Wednesday Meeting is working towards living in a Solution this is mentioned in Fife ACA Solution page.